Lego Makeup Shelves Are The Solution To All Your Beauty Storage Needs

I was never into Legos as a kid. Maybe it's because I was your basic, boring "girly girl" who just wanted to be a country music singer when she grew up—that's a true story, and was pre-Taylor Swift, by the way. It didn't work out. But another reason why maybe Legos were never my thing? Perhaps because my younger brother would leave them lying around and stepping on them feels akin to what I would imagine being jabbed in the foot with tiny, sharpened plastic daggers is like. You'd just be minding your own business and BOOM. Instant, acute agony. But I digress. Despite the fact that I am not a Legos girl, if someone cleverly uses them to create something that helps me out, then they have my attention. Cut to: Lego makeup organizers created by Annabelle Rioux, musician and DIY-er extraordinaire.

According to the Huffington Post, Rioux simply couldn't find any makeup organization tools that worked for her, so she went ahead and created her own. Out of Legos. Me? I would just spend $230 on random plastic containers at Target and have at it, but Rioux clearly had the right idea. She told HuffPo she was inspired by playing with the building blocks as a child and opted for the Legos instead of typical material like wood.

Impressed? Yeah, me too.

Rioux also told HuffPo that these makeup organizers are not going to be the last Lego design you see from her, which is great, because, personally, I have some projects I'd like to commission: An entire walk-in closet, perhaps? Too much? Ok.

"Recently I went to the Lego store and I can assure you that there will be a day when I start a new Lego universe and... it will be huge!" Roux said.

So, there you have it, folks—makeup and Legos, combined beautifully and posted for the world to see. Ah, the beauty of the Internet.