Are Chris Pine & Ryan Reynolds The Same Person? One Very Confused Fan Thinks So — VIDEO

Wait... is that that one hot celebrity or that other one that was in that movie? Yeah, I've played that game before with my family and friends, because sometimes it is just too hard to tell apart good-looking celebs. Well, apparently, that's also the case for two actors who attend the same event. While at the Sundance Film Festival, Chris Pine was mistaken for Ryan Reynolds, per Pine who revealed the fun story during a Sundance interview.

Oh, it doesn't stop there and, yes, it gets so much better. The fan asked Pine to autograph Reynolds' headshot. Did he do it? He totally did. In my opinion, I don't think these two look anything alike, but, hey, I'm sure Pine doesn't mind looking like Reynolds. I mean, would you? Moving on.

Now, if that fan is reading this or happened to watch the below interview with Pine, I bet he or she is really upset that they are not in possession of Reynolds' signature. However, at least he or she did get the Into the Woods actor's autograph.

I wouldn't be too upset about it, unless I was one of those Reynolds super fans who just can't get enough of the man. Overall, I'd call it a good day if I had a photo of Reynolds and Pine's autograph.