Patrick J. Adams Says 'Suits' Mid-Season 4 Premiere Is a "Volcano" Waiting to Go Off

The wait is finally over with the Jan. 28 return of Suits. When Season 4 of Suits went on hiatus, fans were left with the ultimate cliffhanger with Louis Litt finally learning that Mike Ross — played by Patrick J. Adams — is not a legal lawyer, as he never graduated from law school. It's been a long time coming for that secret to come out, and the show is definitely not going to gloss over Louis' discovery in the Suits mid-season 4 premiere, Adams tells Bustle.

"We start off right at the same place," Adams says, "And he's going for the jugular, using all of the leverage that he's now earned."

In the episode before the break, Louis put two and two together that Mike is not a Harvard graduate, like himself, realizing that his earlier suspicions were spot on. "He feels mostly betrayed," Adams says of Rick Hoffman's character, Louis Litt, "And I think anyone who knows that character knows that when that character feels that everyone in his life has been lying to him, it's a volcano waiting to go off." The final scene in episode 10 showed a very angry — which seems like an understatement — Louis demanding to become a partner at the law firm, Pearson Specter, where he just resigned from.

"That's where we start off, the explosion that is Louis Litt," Adams says of the potential damage caused by Louis knowing Mike's secret, "And us trying to pick up the pieces afterwards." Louis knowing Mike's secret not only puts Mike's career at risk — majorly — but also Pearson Specter at risk since the two partners, Harvey and Jessica, were aware of Mike's lack of schooling.

Watch a preview of the first episode back — directed by Harvey Specter himself, Gabriel Macht — when Mike realizes he might need to bend a little to Louis in the wake of the big secret getting out.