San Antonio Hotel Concierge Provides Framed Nicolas Cage Photos To A Guest, Deserves Employee-Of-The-Month Honors

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you requested that a concierge provide you with multiple framed pictures of Nicolas Cage in your hotel room over the course of your stay? If so, your long nights of wondering are at an end. Imgur user FreePsychicReadings, aka my personal hero, recently posted the evidence of what happens when you do exactly that during a stay in the Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk. Spoiler alert: it's amazing, and will also make you super jealous that you didn't think of it first.Our hero's journey began when she was bored during a business trip and received a text from the hotel reminding her to ask if she needed anything. Instead of some extra towels or a toothbrush (or live-tweeting a wedding, because apparently that's a thing concierges do nowadays), FreePsychicReadings decided that what she desperately needed that fateful day was a framed picture of Nicolas Cage from Con Air. She then moved on with her life because it was a cute idea, but no concierge would actually go to the trouble of framing a picture of Nicolas Cage, right?Not on Ramon the Concierge's watch. FreePsychicReadings returned to hotel room only to be "punched in the giggle dick" when she found Nicolas Cage waiting for her on the bed.

Amazing. But FreePsychicReadings wasn't satisfied; she decided to test the hotel again... and again... and again. By the end of her stay, she was in possession of significantly more Nicolas Cages than she started with. So basically her trip was a huge success, don't you think?The full story is too incredible for a mere summary, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Let's just say that Ramon the Concierge has set a high bar for his competition. Your move, other-hotels-that-don't-have-Ramon.

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