"Starbucks for Delivery" Parody Demonstrates The Downside Of Coffee On Command... Like That's Going To Stop You From Ordering Lattes From Bed

If you're anything like me, you were overjoyed to hear about Starbucks' upcoming delivery app, because anything that lets you order a caramel frappucino without even having to put on pants gets an A+++ in my books. Not everyone is into the idea, though; sketch group Pocketwatch's new video, "Starbucks for Delivery," shows that there's a dark side to getting your coffee delivered... As if that's going to stop any of us. If I learned anything from my time as a barista, it's that the under-caffeinated will stop at nothing to get their fix. In the world Pocketwatch depicts, office workers are no longer allowed coffee breaks thanks to the new Starbucks app — or any breaks at all. In fact, with baristas delivering caffeine and food straight to your desk, why bother going outside at all? "My business has never been more efficient," boasts one business owner as her employees dejectedly return to work after attempting to make a break for the outdoors. With the entire Starbucks menu to choose from, "you'll never have to leave the office again!" Forget the fact that productivity is enhanced by breaks every hour. A constant stream of pumpkin spice lattes will counteract that, no problem. Check out the video below. The best part? If your boss catches you watching it, you can totally claim you're researching how to be more productive. Thanks, Starbucks!

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