Michael Pitt Smolders For Rag & Bone Campaign, Makes Directorial Debut With A Fashion Film For The Brand

Pouty-lipped, blond actor Michael Pitt has pulled double duty for Rag & Bone. Not only does he smolder — and I mean smolder— in super sexified, black and white ads for the brand, but he also directed an accompanying video. Is there anything more thermonuclear than a multi-tasker? I think not. Michael Pitt and Astrid Berges-Frisbey star in Rag & Bone's spring 2015 campaign and the images are almost painful in their expression of romantic longing.Pitt has fronted R&B's men's campaigns for three seasons now. This is the first campaign that combines men's and women's fashion and his co-star is literally his IRL co-star. Pitt and Berges-Frisbey appeared together in I Origins, so this is a repeat performance for them.

In addition to that snazzy, '80s-style Radio Raheem-inspired boombox (from Do the Right Thing) perched on the chipped, weathered, and worn table, the way these two are reaching out toward one another across the battered table expresses longing and a "so close, yet so far" vibe. The mystique surrounding what's going on in their relationship, however undefined, is right there, front and center, along with the fabulously comfy attire.

Neither is posing naturally, either! With her legs propped up on the table, and his neck craned in the weirdest way, it's quite a twist... literally. And yes, it makes me want to peep the latest R&B offerings.

The 12-minute accompanying short film, shot in NYC, is Pitt's directorial debut and is slated to launch today. Berges-Frisbey also appears, as does Stephen Graham, a British actor.

Watch the trailer, which is very noir and oozes the same element of longing as the print ad. It's full of shoes, punching bags, and drama.

Images: Rag & Bone (2)