Should You Buy a Helicopter in Kim K: Hollywood? Only One Vehicle Is Really Worth Your Money

When Kim Kardashian added the option of buying a helicopter to her iPhone game, it appealed to my inner Scott Disick. After all, how can I command people's respect if I don't have an awesome mode of transport? But, as cool as my own personal chopper would be, it's a bad investment. If you want to spend your K stars on anything, buy a plane, don't buy a helicopter in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

There's the obvious reason of course, a helicopter costs you 320 K stars, while a private jet costs only 120. Plus, you only have access to the helicopter if you first purchase the $8000 flat in London. So from a financial standpoint, it's just a smarter decision to buy a plane instead of a chopper. Even Lord Disick himself walked away from his helicopter dreams to save the money.

But here's the real reason the in-game helicopter is the worst: It's no better than a car. Sure you can customize the color and that can make you feel cool. But it doesn't actually act as a mode of transportation. You still have to pay to fly to different locations in the game. But with the jet, you never have to pay plane fare again. It's been the single-best use of my K stars throughout my entire playing experience.

I have saved so much money being able to fly around the globe searching for energy, or traveling to my events, without shelling out hundreds of digital dollars. A private jet is half the price of a helicopter, you can furnish the inside, and it lets you skip airport fees forever. That's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Helicopters are fun for the status and to feel more like Scott Disick, sure — but I think even the Lord himself would tell you that a private jet beats a helicopter any day.

Images: giphy; Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (2)