Courtney Love Admits To Using Heroin While Pregnant After Years of Contradiction

After many years of contradiction and of fans and the media trying to figure out the truth, Courtney Love admitted to using heroin while pregnant with Frances Bean Cobain, her daughter with the late Kurt Cobain. Love has never fully admitted to drug use while she was carrying Frances, but in a new documentary, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, that debuted at Sundance Film Festival, she says the following:

I used it once then stopped. I knew she would be fine.

Some aren't shocked by the statement, especially since it's known that Love is a former drug addict. With that said, her contradictions about drug use during pregnancy have been a topic of headlines for many years. For example, in 1992, Love and Cobain released a statement denying she did heroin while pregnant, after Vanity Fair released a profile detailing Love's drug usage while carrying Frances, which they said depicted them inaccurately. Part of their statement read:

We unequivocally deny this ... As soon as Courtney found out she was pregnant, she immediately contacted an obstetrician and a doctor specializing in chemical dependency and has been under their care since then and has been assured that she can expect to have a healthy baby.

But, in 2011, Love spoke with The Fix, where she said,

Yes, it's true, I used heroin in the first three weeks of my pregnancy — but so f--king what!? I didn't even know I was pregnant at the time. I also took a few puffs on a cigarette when my belly was out to here, but most of those nine months, I walked around with nicotine patches all over my body. When you have a baby inside you, you're not going to do drugs or something stupid.

As you can see, until now, it was never clear whether Love did knowingly use heroin while pregnant. Now, she's finally admitting to it, but, of course, that is causing yet another controversy in itself: that she was irresponsible while pregnant and risking her child's life.