Britney Spears' Tweet About the Government Shutdown Is Perfect, If Not Too Perfect

Was this a legitimate thought that went through Britney Spears' head, or is her PR team so well-paid that they actually have the motivation to try and be witty? We may never know — but just looking at this new tweet that "Britney Spears" tweeted, about the government shutdown, I'm leaning towards the latter.

The tweet, posted not too long ago on Britney Spears' account, reads: "Go call the po-lice, Go Call The Gu-vunah! Someone tell Congress to get to #WorkBxxCH" Turning a major U.S. government conflict into an opportunity to promote her newly-released music video and song, "Work Bitch," in a single tweet? Britney Spears didn't tweet this. A PR team did. It's still great because, you know, I can just imagine Britney saying "Gu-vunah" while she sips on a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks, but it's highly unlikely she came up with this.

In her/her PR team's defense, though, the tweet is still better than Billy Zane's weigh-in on the government shutdown, in which he compared it to Breaking Bad and said some intelligible stuff about "Baking Dad" and "Drop the Meth pick an apple!" So, there's that. It's not much, but hey, glass half full and all that jazz, right? Right.