'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Is Already Making Bank & It's Not Even Out Yet

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is going to make all the money. A sci-fi Y.A. franchise adaptation, starring Hollywood's best friend Jennifer Lawrence? It can't help but make bank. In fact, it's already started: Catching Fire 's first day pre-sales on Fandango were huge, reportedly selling out actually currently playing movies eight to one.

The movie's sales on Fandango (you can buy your ticket early here) made up 70 percent of the site's business Tuesday, and today they're keeping strong with still over half the tickets sold being for the much-anticipated Nov. 22 release of Catching Fire.

The last film made almost $700 million worldwide, and this upcoming installment is expected to make almost a billion. With the ever-rising star of Jennifer Lawrence (keep in mind that she didn't have an Oscar the last time a Hunger Games movie came out), it's no surprise audiences have already made moves towards fulfilling that expectation.

The film — which is being directed this time around by Francis Lawrence, and which will of course retain stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson — also recently released a slew of new slew of photos through Entertainment Weekly. They feature a distressed Katniss Everdeen, a group of stern Peacekeepers (*cough*stormtroopers*cough*), Johanna Mason doing her best brood, and more that you can see here.

Images: Lionsgate, Murray Close