Ryan Gosling Upstages Russell Crowe With A '70s Mustache At The AACTA & It's Just As Amazing As It Sounds — VIDEO

When you think of Russell Crowe, the words, "charming" and "funny" don't necessarily come to mind. However, when you add Ryan Gosling to the mix, suddenly the screen you're staring at becomes handsome and enticing — even when a horrid '70s mustache and suit are involved. Let me explain. Crowe was filming a live video which announced the nominees and winners of Best Supporting Actress at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (AACTA) and, in the midst of his speech, Ryan Gosling pops in with all of his delightful boyishness. Heck, Gosling is so darn smooth, he even got away with insulting all of Australia by confusing it with New Zealand. Why he's not a member of the United Nations, I'll never know.

Who the actual nominees were and who the winner was, the world may never know (actually, you can find all of that here), but the real mystery of the night is Gosling's facial hair and Crowe's leather suit. The only man capable of wearing a leather suit is Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park , OK? Leave it to the professionals, Crowe.

Other mysteries of the night include:

  1. Is Ryan Gosling filming another Anchorman?
  2. How can Ryan Gosling still be so appealing even with that horrendous 'stache and soul patch?
  3. Why did they even bother with Crowe when they could have just had Gosling? "Because he's Australian," doesn't count!
  4. What's it like to be that tree standing over Ryan Gosling? Did he hug it?
  5. Why DID he have his clothes on?
  6. Why is Russell Crowe spending an excessive amount of time in the clip staring at Gosling? Oh wait...
  7. Who drew that duck on Ryan Gosling's cast?

See the clip below.