World's Cutest Old Man Overjoyed At Hearing Dead Wife's Recovered Voicemail, And We Are All Going To Cry About It — VIDEO

So, apparently it’s Let’s All Sob Together Day, but at least this time it will be happy tears (I promise, kind of, maybe). BBC Radio Leeds recently released this touching video of an elderly widower getting to hear a recording of his dead wife’s voice after thinking he had lost it forever. Go grab some tissues; I’ll wait. Stan Beaton, from West Yorkshire, UK, lost his wife, Ruby, to cancer in 2003. For well over a decade, he kept a voicemail recording of her speaking on his mobile phone; he told BBC News, “In the early days [I listened to it] quite often. Basically it came to the point when if I felt low then I would listen to it.” For all that time, Beaton, now 68, refused to change phone companies because he feared losing the recording, but the worst finally came to pass in December, when “technical work” by Virgin Media resulted in the message being deleted. Beaton reported that he “was absolutely devastated by it, but also extremely angry.” Luckily, Virgin Media was on the case, dedicating 11 engineers to the recovery of the file. They found the recording last Friday, and BBC Radio Leeds got to deliver the good news.

Watch the video below to see Beaton’s emotional reaction. At first overwhelmed by hearing his wife’s voice again, he then thanks Virgin Media, saying “They've made this old age pensioner extremely happy." We’re right there with you, sir.

BBC Radio Leeds on YouTube

Image: YouTube