Idina Menzel Joins TV Comedy From Ellen DeGeneres & It Sounds Flawless Already

Considering an Ellen DeGeneres-produced television series is already a pretty great thing on its own, there aren't many ways it gets better than that: However, one of those very few ways is getting Idina Menzel to play the lead...which just so happens to be exactly what's happening here. According to Deadline, Idina Menzel is set to star in Happy Time , a single-camera half-hour comedy slated for the 2015-2016 season produced by DeGeneres' A Very Good Production company. That's right: Menzel is coming to TV. This is not a drill.

Menzel will be taking on the role of a famous woman who is done pretending she's always happy — a predictable synopsis based on the show's title. Happy Time will be written by Randi Barnes, whose resume includes writing episodes for many of Disney Channel's animated projects, and, most recently, Girl Meets World.

Obviously, this is a huge deal: Despite the fact that Menzel has an impressive resume herself — which obviously includes her role in the Broadway production of Wicked and voicing Elsa in Frozen — this will actually be one of her first attempts at serialized television. Although Menzel (who is currently starring in If/Then on Broadway) has appeared in multiple episodes of shows like Glee and Private Practice, this will be a way bigger role and a way bigger challenge. However, being that the artist formerly known as Adele Dazeem is obviously super-talented and made for one of the most badass Disney princesses ever, I'm fairly certain she is capable of anything — especially with a TV vet like DeGeneres at the helm.

Super excited already? Good news: We may be able to catch Happy Time as early as this summer, depending on how the project progresses in the near future. Fingers crossed!