Do Men Respond To 'Cosmo' Flirting Tips?

Cosmo might be a staple and a household name in this country, but their approach to love and romance leaves plenty of people wondering if their advice is actually any good. In the interest of answering that question, Buzzfeed investigates with their video "Girls Try Cosmo Flirting Tips." The results are surprisingly mixed. At least, based on my expectations.

In the video, four Buzzfeed women agree to test out Cosmo flirting techniques on four unsuspecting guys. The gracious gentlemen know that something is going to happen obviously, but they haven't been told exactly what. Which means that what follows undoubtedly comes as quite a shock, especially when the women start trying things like grabbing their ass heading into a restaurant.

To be fair to Cosmo, I imagine it's hard coming up with new lists of sex and dating tips all the time. After all, sex has been around for literally all of human history, so trying to say shiny new things about it every week is most likely going to force you to get...out there...when it comes to some of your suggestions. There's only so many ways you can remix this stuff.

Still, as someone who uses Cosmo covers for laughs while waiting in the checkout line, I was a little surprised at the reactions some of these guys. So maybe Cosmo does know a thing or two after all?

I'll let you be the judge.