What's The Song In Coke's Super Bowl Commercial? It Will Definitely Lift Your Spirits — VIDEO

From bullying to happiness, all it takes is Coke. The Super Bowl Coca Cola commercial featured a guy accidentally spilling Coke all over an Internet mainframe, which led to the elimination of all the terrible trolling and bullying on the world wide web and replaced the evil words with happy things, like the confident baby. Seriously. While the commercial idea was pretty strange, the concept was sweet and commendable. But the best part about the commercial and the thing that elevated it the most was the song that played during it. The song "Show Me Love," was written by Nicole Miglis, and performed by her band Hundred Waters. "Show Me Love" features the perfect feel for a commercial meant to encourage more positivity in the world and the hashtag #MakeItHappy.

The lyrics are really quite the highlight of the song, with lines like "Don’t let me show cruelty, though I may make mistakes. Don’t let me show ugliness, though I know I can hate. And don’t let me show evil, though it might be all I take." In a world where all we see is anger, hatred, and fighting for absolutely no reason, it's so refreshing to hear a song and see a commercial that promotes kindness. I just wish the commercial didn't try to make us think that spilling Coca-Cola products is the way to finding that happiness.

Images: Coca-Cola Company/YouTube (screenshot)