What Would Tom Hiddleston's Instagram Look Like? It Would Be Equal Parts Classy & Funny, Duh

There is never enough Tom Hiddleston in my life. He could be in 12 movies at a time and I would still feel like he was too absent. I think the problem is he has a really low social media presence. He only has a Twitter, and he hardly even updates that. But what if Tom Hiddleston had an Instagram? In a perfect world, his fans would be able to follow him and his pictures and never feel like there was a lack of Hiddles content, because he'd be generating it himself.

But what would a Tom Hiddleston Instagram account look like? Every celebrity is so different in what they share. J. Biebs is all about the shirtless selfies, Kim K. is all about her outfits, and T. Swift is all about dinner parties and kitty cats. So what kind of Instagram personality would Tom Hiddleston have? I think it would be similar to his Twitter account with posts on topics like his upcoming projects and charity functions, but with some characteristic Hiddles sass thrown in. This is the man behind "Loki'd" after all — he's just naturally awesome.

Hiddleston did once take over the Yahoo Instagram account ahead of the Thor 2 premiere and I'm sure Yahoo never had so much interest in their account (and probably hasn't since). He even posted a stellar selfie. So, based on that experience and my time following his Twitter, here's the kind of Instagram posts I think we could expect Hiddles to make.

Running Inspiration

Hiddleston loves to run, so I think we could expect some classic Instagram workout inspiration. You know the kind: shots of where he's running, what he's wearing to go running, how many miles he ran, etc. I usually hate that kind of post, but I feel like he'd find a way to make it charming and almost poetic. He already does so with his running tweets.

His Award Show Attire

Hiddles knows how to dress well and I feel like he'd be prone to showing off his wardrobe for fancy affairs. But he'd balance out the picture with some silly emojis of like top hats and penguins to keep things low-key. (See what I did there?)

His Humanitarian Efforts

No matter the social media site, supporting his charities is important to Hiddleston. I know we'd see calls to action on his Instagram feed.


As evidenced by his Yahoo Instagram takeover, even Hiddleston loves a good selfie.

Hanging With His Celebrity Pals

Just think of all the Benedict Cumberbatch hangout pics we'd get if Hiddles owned an Instagram.

#TBT Pics

Throwback photos are the best part of celebrity Instagrams.

Video of On-Set Shenanigans

Wouldn't it be great if he got an Instagram during the Thor 3 filming? All I want is video footage of Chris Hemsworth and Hiddleston hanging out on set.

Shots of Him Dancing

Instagram gives Hiddles the perfect opportunity to show off his skills.

Nature Shots

This is a common staple for many Instagram users and I have no doubt that Hiddles would join right in, especially considering that his Twitter background is a shot of him standing on a scenic mountain.

Hiddleston would certainly bring his own brand of flair to the social networking site. It doesn't look like he plans to get an Instagram any time soon. But in the meantime, we can hope and wish and speculate about what it would look like. And let's face it, it would be awesome no matter what he posted.

Image: gifs-to-wear-pants-to/Tumblr