Anna Kendrick's Twitter Is So Relatable It Hurts

by Alyse Whitney

As far as relatable celebrities go, one of the tops of the top is Anna Kendrick on Twitter. Even when she's just tweeting about her morning cereal, she makes it entertaining, and we're usually on the same page about all daily life crises and triumphs. Basically, when it comes to the whole "celebrities, they're just like us" phenomenon, she is right up there with Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone. She loves sweatpants and staying home, saying inappropriate things about Ryan Gosling, and worshiping Beyoncé. Sometimes it feels like her tweets come from my own brain, and in an alternate universe, we'd be BFFs.

On Sunday, she live-tweeted the Super Bowl and Katy Perry's halftime show (aka talked about boobs and dancing sharks for a while) and it reminded me of all the other times she had the best Twitter reactions to other big pop culture events. This ranges from NBC's live musicals to compliments from Kelly Clarkson to Star Wars, proving that if anyone should publish a book of their tweets, it's Kendrick. I'd buy that over Kim Kardashian's selfie book any day. Actually, if she can start penning a memoir, 140 characters at a time, that works, too. Check out some of her best tweets below.

Katy Perry's Halftime Show

She is everyone's teenage dream.

McDonald's New "Call Your Mom" Payment Campaign

If only she also told us how she feels about selfies as payment.

Peter Pan Live

When they do Snow White, she's first up to be surrounded by seven adorable dwarfs.

The New Star Wars Trailer

The force is strong with this one.

American Ninja Warrior

Gym inspiration for all.

The Nude Celebrity Photo Hacking Scandal

Classy as always.

Seeing Charlize Theron In The Same Outfit

Who wore it better?

The Gross Anti-Smoking Ads We All Avoid

The cringing will not stop.

The Frozen Broadway Musical News

I will pay all of my life savings to see this.

Meeting Beyoncé

Bow down.

Compliments From Kelly Clarkson

Duet ASAP, please.

The Sound Of Music Live

Bonus because she got real about Brangelina.

Jared Leto's Amazing Hair

She could pull off his long locks, too.

Her GQ Cover Vs. Her Love Of Sweatpants

Soul sisters.

The Infamous Ryan Gosling Movie Reaction

Saving the best for last, of course.