Awkward! Miley Cyrus Thanked Her "Love," Liam Hemsworth, In 'Bangerz' Notes

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are no more, so this could make things a little awkward. If you find yourself flipping through the Bangerz album liner booklet and come across the following message penned by Miley herself: "I couldn't have made this album without one person . . . FE, thank you for inspiring me. (PS I love you)," yes, it is for exactly who you think it's for. According to E! Online, Miley's heartfelt message to now ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth is still in the album notes for Bangerz , even after the two broke up and stopped following each other on Twitter (which is obviously how you know it's really over).

I guess the only logical explanation for this is that the album notes were written ages ago, and the production had already gone underway around the time that Miley unfollowed Liam and the two broke up for good. After all, if there's any truth to this source's claim that "Liam and Miley are completely done and broken up," and "she wants nothing to do with him, and vice versa. It's bad," then it seems unlikely that she'd just keep the message in there for sentimental value or something.

Or maybe she was just being Miley...

Bangerz is set to be released on Oct. 8.