Oscar Nominated Films Reenacted By Kids Make Your Favorite Movies Way More Adorable — VIDEO

Putting kids in anachronistic places is always going to result in one of two feelings: Discomfort or delight. Sometimes, it's both. Suffice to say, a bunch of kids acting out the 2015 Best Picture Oscar nominees are no exception: After all, these are films about emotional abuse (Whiplash), war (American Sniper), and a whole bunch of other adult topics — in fact, pretty much the only one mostly kid-friendly is Boyhood, mostly because it follows the life of an actual kid. Still, I'd say these kids in these particular mature situations fall nicely into the "delightful" category, and mostly avoid the uncomfortable one.

The video, via Cinefix, kicks off with a couple of elementary schoolers acting out some of the domestic conflict in found in the blockbuster hit American Sniper. And, in case you're wondering about the most important part of that movie...yes, they do indeed include that super fake-looking American Sniper baby. How could they not?

For the record, if the video concept of kids acting out Oscar-nominated movies sounds familiar to you, that's because it's actually a series: Year after year, there are always new installments, and yes, they're also super adorable. (2013 in particular.)

Check the video below:

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Image: CineFix/Youtube