Rep. Aaron Schock's Downton Abbey Office & 8 Other Politicians If Their Rooms Were Inspired By Television Shows

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Illinois Republican Rep. Aaron Schock has a Downton Abbey-themed office, but he's not too keen on having it photographed. The bright red walls, gold wall sconces, and chandeliers are just a few of the highlights, according to The Washington Post, and the interior designer who showed it off to reporter Ben Terris was really excited to give the tour. But Schock's staff quickly shut things down. They asked Terris to delete the photos from his phone, and now the Downton Abbey office has landed Schock in a bit of a spot, as Lord Downton might say: Not long after the newspaper's remaining photo of the decked-out office and accompanying story went online, The Chicago Tribune reported a watchdog group asked the Office of Congressional Ethics to look into the redesign, questioning whether Schock accepted improper free services from an interior designer.

Schock has a pretty fabulous Instagram account, has appeared on the cover of Men's Health magazine (o hai there), and is described as being media-savvy. So having a swanky Downton Abbey-themed office seems to fit his brand.

Why don't more politicians choose fun TV themes for their offices? Good question! Don't worry, we have some decorating ideas for them.

Image: BBC

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