Ben Runs for Congress on 'Parks and Rec,' So Will This Take Him & Leslie Out of Pawnee for Good?

Since the final season of Parks and Rec began the "end game" for Leslie and family has been a big question. How is this season going to end, and more importantly, will Leslie end up in Washington D.C.? Well, as of Tuesday's episode, Leslie just might end up in D.C., but not because she's running for government office. It's Ben who is taking a stab at not only the government, but the House of Representatives... Ben could be a congressman, you guys! But wait... what does that mean for Ben and Leslie's lives in Pawnee?

Jen Barkley returned to Parks and Rec on Tuesday night, and this time she wasn't there to poach Leslie for political office. Instead, she was there to reunite with Ben and convince him to run for U.S. Congress because the current congressman is a "moron." Ben didn't have an immediate response to running for the House of Representatives, it's a huge decision after all. Leslie was all for it — you know Leslie and the government — but this time she wanted to keep her opinion quiet, and let Ben make the decision.

Even though Ben accepts the candidacy when he is drunk, Ben running for Congress is a genius idea. Ben is a great candidate for Congress not only because he is economically aware — just what the position needs, Jen Barkley says — but also it's a great opportunity for him to redeem himself after Ice Town. Sorry, had to bring it up.

Another reason Ben running for Congress is a blessing in disguise? If Ben wins the position, this could mean that Ben and Leslie finally go to Washington. I know Pawnee is Leslie's home, but Leslie and Ben's end game has to be Washington. They are both meant for that town, and it would be an amazing way to end the final chapter of Parks and Rec.

Images: Greg Gayne/NBC