'Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk Reveals Surprising Details About 'Better Call Saul'

Breaking Bad may have hung up its Heisenberg hat, but AMC is far from done milking that cash cow — I mean, the universe is far from over. Recently announced was a spinoff appropriately titled Better Call Saul starring the very talented Bob Odenkirk as his lawyer character Saul Goodman. Since it was confirmed, there hasn't been much information floating around about it, other than it'll be a prequel set before Saul ever came close to meeting Walter White, and it'll be an hour-long series. That's it — until now. In a new interview with Salon to promote his new book with Arrested Development's David Cross, Hollywood Said No!, Odenkirk discussed the upcoming series a bit, and revealed a pretty key fact about the direction it'll go.

We'll let Odenkirk explain it himself:

Vince Gilligan and the writers will make the ultimate decision, but Vince has told me, the last time he talked to me, he said that [Better Call Saul] will be slightly more dark than it is funny. That’s an interesting balance to strike. And I’m excited.

So, those of you hoping for a hilarious comedy featuring Saul taking on Albuquerque's lowest of lows as clients, sorry — this is still a Vince Gilligan/Peter Gould production, so shit's gonna get really heart-wrenching. Unfortunately, no one asked Odenkirk whether or not we should expect a cameo from Gus Fring, sadly, but I'm still hopeful.

No word yet on when we can expect Better Call Saul on the schedule — but, considering AMC will want to ride on the coattails of Breaking Bad's success, I'm guessing it'll be some time next year.