Lena Dunham Looks Like a Cool Old Lady In HoH

Lena's personal style (or lack thereof, depending on who you talk to) is a surprisingly polarizing topic. I, for one, am a fan — in my book, she should wear as much crazy-pants Giambattista Valli as is humanly possible. When it comes down to it, she's a fashion risk taker, and I love her eclectic taste. There are some retro influences, as well as some quite kooky (and some very Parisian — hello , Miu Miu) outfits in the mix... but by far and away my favorite of her style tenets is her tendency towards grandma chic.

I've been a fan of the look since I first saw Molly Ringwald rocking all that lace and all that jewelry in Pretty and Pink , and now Lena's put her own spin on Andie Walsh's signature look: At a recent event she sported a hot pink House of Holland number that just had some of that unmistakable grandma charm to it. It could be the eye-searing shade, or perhaps it's that ruffle down the front — either way, it was quite the fetchingly weird outfit, and I'm definitely a fan.

Check out her classy bathroom selfie and see for yourself:

We want more old lady outfits!

Images: Getty Images; lenadunham/Instagram