Kendall Jenner Gets Futuristic For 'Garage'

Another day, another Kendall Jenner magazine cover. Jenner is the toast of the modeling world and her pretty face is showing up everywhere. For her Garage cover, Kendall Jenner went futuristic, rocking a pair of headphones while steely CGI wires creep up her shoulders and neck. They sort of look like ostrich feathers for a hot second. They also look like they are growing up her body.

Jenner's face is the focus, though! With expertly sculpted brows and pale pink lips, the rest of her look is minimal, save for those 'phones and the wires. Is Kendall becoming a cyborg or embarking on a second career as an EDM artist a la Paris Hilton? Nah! She's just posing!

The image reminds me of the fact that so many magazines, specifically the smaller circulation yet just as quality titles, focus on artful or high fashion cover images and spreads in order to compete with the bigger publications that have as many ad pages as they do editorial features. You have to stand out and be gutsy, and yes, I am thinking about all the hot, LOVE magazine images, featuring Jenner, her little sister Kylie, Kim Kardashian, and Cara Delevingne, going around. Jenner's Garage photo isn't exactly risky or daring, but it is unique and certainly memorable.

Jenner doesn't rely on crazy makeup or a mane made of slithery snakes or shark jaws (Hi, Rihanna) to make a statement. She instead lets that penetrating stare be that which reels you in. Yes, the "WTF is that?" wiring asks more questions than it answers and that's certainly a sign of a quality, provocative image.

Images: Kendall Jenner/Instagram (1)