This Lamb Raised With Dogs Thinks She Is One Too

I think it's time for a real, true, dark honesty moment, because we're all friends here and this is a safe space to explore our feelings: Deep down, all any of us have ever wanted to be is a dog. I mean, look at them, all tongue-lolling and frisbee-chasing and sun spot-hoarding, which looks altogether more fun than what any other species does all day. Well, unlike us with our resignation that we will never be dogs, one little creature took matters into her own hooves: This lamb raised with border collies thinks she is a dog and doesn't give one flying "baaaa" about your societal standards.

Her name is Pet, which is honestly a confusing enough way to go through life; "Pet the lamb" could either be a name or a command. But Pet isn't remarkable just for her name. She has become somewhat of a legend, bounding around and playing with the best buds she was raised with, four border collies named Dice, Jess, Fly, and Morgan. Take a look at her wonderful puppy-lamb confusion in action:

At least Pet's puppy friends are always good about including her, even if they do seem as confounded by her as the rest of us are. You keep on living the dream, Pet. Here's hoping that we all get to experience this kind of raw puppy joy in our lifetimes:

Images: Getty Images; YouTube (1)