'Eye Candy' Is Getting Even More Gruesome

Did you think one omnipotent serial killer was a problem? Apparently Lindy's cyberstalker was just the beginning — so sorry, fictional version of New York City. Now that Lindy is working with the Cyber Crimes Unit of the NYPD, she'll be face-to-face with a slew of psychopaths — or at least face-to-face with the gruesome trail that they leave behind. MTV isn't holding back at all with the violence on Eye Candy, which is probably appropriate considering the characters live in a world where crazies loom large. The show's procedural element — something that we only really started exploring in the fourth episode, with the introduction of the "Stowaway" storyline — will be a bigger part of rest of Season 1, which means we'll be introduced to plenty of killers along the way. And, according to MTV's Eye Candy "supertease," we're in for lots and lots of mayhem.

After watching the supertease, the only thing I can think is holy crap. It features some of the more disturbing clips from the past few episodes, but it's the scenes from the upcoming episodes that will really give you the creeps. You might want to watch the highlight reel below with the lights on — and you might not want to watch it at all if you have a light stomach.

Now let's break down the scenes we haven't actually seen on Eye Candy yet and figure out what they reveal about the rest of the season.

This Guy's Back

Well, he's standing, which is good. But this isn't some Fifty Shades of Gray stuff gone awry — this victim was hacked up by a killer after the killer drugged him and his girlfriend. So we have that to look forward to.

An Operation Gone Wrong

This still is most likely from the upcoming episode "ICU." According to TVLine, Lindy will investigate a potential hacking at a hospital. In the video, we see that the person operating on this guy's brain — as well as the entirety of the surgical room staff — fall unconscious due to some sort of chemical attack. Oh, and by the way, the guy with his brain exposed? Yeah...he's awake...and screaming for help. That's a strong enough image to inspire years of nightmares.

This Torture Scene

It's unclear who is lighting that branding torch on fire, but it very well could be Lindy's cyberstalker-turned-serial-killer. Why? Well, who else would want to permanently scar Lindy other than the person who wants her for himself?

This Scream

There's really nothing more disturbing than watching our heroine get tortured... but this scene does give us some clue as to who her torturer might be. See the upper left corner, behind the mask? That's a flash of red hair. Could the Eye Candy killer be a redhead we haven't met yet? Or is this just another freelance crazy? Only time will tell.

Images: MTV (5)