Best. Spider-Man. Meme. Ever.

It was certainly a momentous moment when, late Tuesday night, Marvel announced that Spider-Man would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A deal had been made between Marvel — one of the most powerful movie studios out there — and Sony, another one of the most powerful studios out there. It is a beautiful, crazy-pants union, and it's a big deal for movies both in and out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also means more Spider-Man in our lives. And now, you know what all of those things mean: Memes! The first of the Spider-Man memes arrived just in time on Tuesday, in the form of a trending hashtag, #PutSpiderManInEveryMovie, on Twitter.

#PutSpiderManInEveryMovie is, yes, pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Now that Spider-Man is going to be in even more movies than we thought he would be, the question must be raised: What if he were in all the other movies in the world, too? Why not just put him everywhere? The world is Spider-Man's oyster! The options are endless! A Jane Austen adaptation? Sure! Terminator: Genysis? Could use some Spidey! All of next year's Oscar nominees? Yep. All of this year's Oscar nominees, retroactively? Yeaaah.

Here's the best of #PutSpiderManInEveryMovie so far:

The Puns Started Immediately

As Did the Spider-Related Jokes

I Mean, You Can't Not Throw Frodo In There

Or A Steinbeck Reference

Just Picture Spider-Man Dressed As Austin Powers

The Puns Really Were Out In Strong Force

Samuel L. Jackson's Already In the MCU, So...

This One's Just Timely

Spiders Probz Appreciated This One

This One Probably Has a Very Disappointing Ending

And Jack Dawson Is NOT Feeling This One