4 Grandmas Share Their First Kiss Stories

First kisses are so whimsical. Mostly because, usually when they occur, you're an awkward weirdo who has just hit puberty and don't really know what kissing entails exactly, just that two people have to put their mouths together and then swish their tongues together. It's all very teeth bumpy and saliva-y. But cute, too. These four elderly grandmas spoke about their memories of their first kisses, and the results are just as adorable (and one is completely heartbreaking) as actual first kisses. The giggly grandmas recount their stories with twinkling eyes, and you can't help but wish all these lovely ladies were your own grandma. At least, I felt that way, probably because my actual grandma has yet to divulge such a sweet little tidbit about herself.

There's a moment which, if, like me, you are pre-menstrual and haven't had breakfast yet, might make you tear up. One of the grandmas can't remember her kiss, and I felt something catch in my throat when she says she would really like to remember. It's not like I remember every detail of my first kiss. It was pretty gawky and awful, and involved a lot of another person's spit and some accidental tongue biting. But forgetting it would be like...I don't know exactly what, but something profound. For many of us, a first kiss is the moment we set sail into the horrible, stormy world of love, sex, and romance. How wonderful and terrible! Anyway, watch the grandmas tell their stories below:

It's all so magical and sweet, if only we weren't aware that most first kisses go down more like this:

You're welcome.

Images: Getty Images; Giphy (5)