A Tiny Hamster Date For Tiny Hamsters

I know Valentine's Day is a fairly polarizing holiday. It seems you're either super into it or super not. There are endless niche ways to celebrate whichever way you swing. Way into Valentine's Day and also into books? Here you go. Intensely anti-candy hearts but semi-interested in shopping anyway? There's also this. However, regardless of your feelings about the holiday itself, I think we can agree that this is most perfect Valentine's Day video of all time. Its adorableness permeates even the coldest, most hardened heart. Obviously, that means it involves golden hamsters and miniature Italian food. Duh.

Some rather brilliant folks came together to carefully construct a miniature version of Venetian lagoons, complete with a hamster-sized gondola. Watch as the two love-hamsters cruise through the serene waterways beneath a mock city skyline before landing at Tiny Tony's hole-in-the-wall joint where they indulge in impressively delicate portions of hamster-friendly spaghetti and meatballs. It isn't exactly Lady And The Tramp levels of dramatic romance—It's far more subtle than that. I am impressed by so many things about this: the precious plates, the table cloth, the hamster ears upturned in deep interest. But most of all, it's probably the hamsters' pristine table manners (and their restraint at not humping at the table, despite all the romantic cues) that impress me. See for yourself:

Image: YouTube