Bosworth Backs Ambyr Childers Jewelry Line

Arrowheads, semiprecious stones, and antlers, oh my! These currently ultra-trendy motifs are just a few of the symbols that appear in the new fine jewelry line co-owned by Kate Bosworth and Ambyr Childers, two women who know a thing (or twenty) about looking stylish.

Actress Ambyr Childers pulled inspiration from her Native American heritage to create rings, bracelets, and necklaces that draw influence from the boxes of old arrowheads from her grandmother's garage as well as a cultural appreciation for animals and nature. “It is a culture that has always loved and respected the Earth and every living thing on it," Childers explained to "And I want to convey that inspiration through the symbols and their rich meaning to those who wear my jewelry."

The fashion industry is often criticized for appropriating the art and trends from other cultures without paying them proper homage, so Childers' personal connection to the symbols she utilizes for these beautiful pieces truly makes this line a standout. And Bosworth couldn't agree more.

“With any artistic venture — whether it be a film or a fashion — it is essential to create from a place of authenticity. Perception is essentially out of my control, but I must feel proud of the work in order to stand behind it," the actress told

That original point of view is sprinkled throughout all 22 pieces of the Ambyr Childers Jewelry debut collection. Priced from $795 to $6,000, the collection is a sea of rose gold, 14kt yellow gold, and white gold and is littered with diamonds, pink opal, and lapis. Check out some of my favorites below.

Stag Necklace in Rose Gold


Crossing River Ring in Yellow Gold


Visible Sun Necklace in White Gold


Morning Dew Ring with Pink Opal


Teepee Earrings in Rose Gold


Autumn Necklace in Rose Gold


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