Style Throwdown: 'THG' vs 'Sports Illustrated'

Now, here's a "who wore it better" I never anticipated: In one corner, we've got Johanna Mason, small but deceptively good with axes and well... deception. In the other corner, we have two-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition star, Samantha Hoopes. Both wore a strikingly similar white, architectural Alon Livne gown... but who will walk out of the arena as victor?

With all due respect to Ms. Hoopes, I think we can all agree that in a literal Hunger Games scenario, she would be no match for Johanna's axe finesse... but this isn't actual violence we're competing in here, it's fashion prowess — and in this case, they're actually fairly evenly matched. When Johanna wore the gown, she was starring in some propaganda, so she obviously had some of the Capitol's very best styling teams working together to create the look, from the swoopy, honey blonde hairstyle, all the way down to the space-age white booties. Now, Samantha also likely had a professional styling team orchestrating her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Celebration look (which, in her case, was set off by pin-straight ombre hair and some glittery platform pumps.

I'll leave the question of the day up to you: Who wore it better?

Samantha Hoopes

Johanna Mason

In my book, Johanna's the victor here (the streamlined hair, albeit weird, lets the bodice detailing on the dress stand out more — and ditto with the minimalist shoes), but what do you think?

Images: Capitol Couture; Twitter