This Bacon, Beef, And Cheese Sushi Is Everything

When I was 19, I decided to stop eating meat completely. However, after learning about something called "moink rolls"—which is essentially sushi that involves bacon, BBQ beef, and cheese—I'm having mixed feeling about my choice not to consume meat. You guys. What have I been doing for the past seven years? I have so many questions, and I don't even want to answer any of them; I just want to eat this ACTUAL MEAT SUSHI.

I've witnessed many Western variations on sushi before, most of which involve either a whole heap of fried chicken or something slathered in cream cheese. To be real, both of those sound fairly upsetting to me. But then this one...it's got me considering breaking my beloved vow of vegarianism. Basically, some genius thought up this meat lover's dream of a meal. First, you lay raw bacon like ribbons on a sushi roller. Then, you season ground beef and spread it over the bacon, laying a fat hunk of what looks like string cheese in the center before rolling the whole she-bang together. Next up, yah just gotta grill 'em, roll 'em in corn chip crumbs or fried onion crispies, and cut 'em up into little savory pinwheels perfect for dipping into barbecue sauce. Fellow Vegetarians, I challenge you not to drool at this beastly concoction, at least a bit:

Image: YouTube