13 Songs To Help You Concentrate At Work Because Music and Productivity Do Go Together

Let's face it: work is hard, and staying focused is even harder. There's nothing worse than hitting a wall on a Wednesday afternoon, especially if you have a long list of things to do before the week lets out.

But how to get inspired? Through music, of course! It's as simple as selecting the right playlist - something without words to distract you, but with the beat to motivate you. And since we know you don't really need another task to do, we went ahead and did it for you. Check out our killer soundtrack and get to work!


Midnight City,” M83

This song will pump up even the most tedious spreadsheets.


The Long Spring,” Explosions In The Sky

This song will keep you calm while you draft that e-mail to your boss.


Mirror Maru,” Cashmere Cat

Stay focused, even on Friday afternoon.


Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68 ‘Pastoral’: III. Allegro (Lustiges Zusammensein der Landleute),“ George Szell, Cleveland Orchestra

This classical tune will inspire you to clean up your desktop.


Elk River,” Six Organs of Admittance

With this guitar strumming in the background, crunching numbers won’t be stressful.


Quiet Voices,” Mike Vass

Type the notes from your last meeting while listening to this delightful tune.


Your Hand In Mine,” Explosions In The Sky

Don’t forget to fill out those expense reports!


Blue and Sentimental,” Oscar Peterson

The soundtrack to your memo.


I Have A Dream,” Herbie Hancock

Deadline time? Throw on this jazz track.


Dusk to Dawn,” Emancipator

Fill out the office supply order while jamming out.


Get A Move on!” Mr. Scruff

This catchy beat will make even Monday mornings more bearable.


Concept 1,”Kodomo

Make catching up on your e-mails a party.


Wrecking Ball (Instrumental Version),” Instrumental Mafia

Wreck your to-do list with a little help from Miley.