How Do These Trendsetters Feel About V-Day?

Nothing ruins fashion week quite like Valentine's Day. Or does nothing ruin Valentine's Day quite like fashion week? I'm not exactly sure, but no matter — fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff sat down with some of her fashionable friends for a Valentine's Day video discussing the importance of love.

It's kind of a busy week (or month) for designers, so it's heartwarming to see some of fashion's A-listers coming together to share truths about love, break-ups, soul mates, and, most importantly, favorite V-Day treats. Maybe fashion week doesn't ruin the Hallmark holiday after all?

The video includes Rebecca Minkoff, Leandra Medine of ManRepeller, Teen Vogue's Jessica Minkoff, Annie Georgia Greenberg of Refinery29, Toast Meets World, DJ Chelsea Leyland, Flour Shop's Amirah Kassem, Stylist Marina Munoz and the creator Erica Domesek. Also, prepare your heart for a special appearance from Toast's fashion dog, who also shares what he likes to eat on Valentine's Day. All of these big names in style should probably be sitting next to Anna Wintour FROW at fashion shows right about now (and let's face it, they probably are), but I'm glad they managed to take a break from the chaos to make this sweet little video!

Whether you plan to celebrate Galentine's Day (thank you, again, Leslie Knope) with your BFFs or Valentine's Day with your significant other, this video will definitely make you appreciate the holiday that much more.

Here's what we learned about how the fashion set celebrates:

1. Love Is Like Being Gacked

Explaining what it feels like to be in love on Valentine's Day, Leandra Medine says, "It's kind of like you've been gacked on Nickelodeon." And, in all honesty, I'm not sure I've ever heard a better description.

2. Amirah Believes In Soul Mates

"I believe in soul mates. And I believe in unicorns." Because they're the same, right?

3. To Love Is More Important Than To Be Loved

Jessica Minkoff says that "it's definitely more important to love than to be loved."

4. Munoz Can Juggle... Sort Of

Stylist Munoz proves she's full of love trying to juggle her very young child while making this video. It's way cuter than it sounds.

5. The ManRepeller Has A Serious Side

Although she's typically quick-witted, it turns out the ManRepeller founder has a serious side. Medine says, "I don't think you can understand what to be loved is like if you don't love yourself."

6. The Best Cure For A Broken Heart Is...

According to Amirah, its "gluten and glitter." But Medine says "Chocolate, derrrr." But Toast the dog says ice cream, which obviously wins.

7. This

Watch it for yourself!

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