Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan-Tatum Totally Stalked Kate Middleton & Prince William

Celebrities, they're just like us: They stalk celebrities, too! At least, according to Jenna Dewan-Tatum, who recently went on Ellen and told the world about the time she dragged husband Channing Tatum to stalk Prince William and Kate Middleton. Just picture that in your head for a minute. Adorable.

Humungously pregnant last spring, Dewan-Tatum was hanging with her husband in London when the British royals happened to be scheduled to christen the Warner Bros. studios in Leavesden. “Oh my God, we have to meet,” Dewan-Tatum recalled saying to her husband, re: the shiny-haired Duchess Kate. “[She’s] pregnant, I’m pregnant, we’re gonna be best friends. This has to happen."

He was mortified. He was like, ‘We are not chasing these people down,’ and I said, ‘Yes we are!’ We end up in the receiving line, and they come and see us and wave. And [Channing]’s like, ‘Okay great, we’re good. We’re leaving.’ But I said, ‘No, we need a picture!’

As for how Kate and Will reacted?

They were cool as cucumbers. . . After they left, I got the look (from Channing), that ‘You know I just really embarrassed myself’. I told him, ’I’m pregnant? Hormones?’”

Now we just need a copy of that picture.