Here's How to Get Haim's Makeup Look

Haim’s Este, Alana, and Danielle are three of the baddest ladies around, and their recent appearance in the new Calvin Harris music video for “Pray to God” is an extension of their legacy as beauty trend-setters. With the exception of a bright or dark lip, the girls usually keep it fresh with minimal makeup and a neutral, natural look. Impressed with their (admittedly terrifying, albeit beautiful) makeup in the video, Fashionista’s Eliza Brooke interviewed makeup artist Jo Baker, who’s frequently styled sisters’ makeup public appearances at events like the Grammys, to discuss Haim's signature beauty look.

So how to go about implementing Haim’s hipness in your beauty routine? Baker’s number one suggestion was to ditch the extensive application of extraneous product. People spend way too much time applying layers of shadow, and it frequently shows. Instead, pick one. “Choose colors you’re attracted to, and play around with a color wash all over the eye and underneath the eye," Baker tells Fashionista, suggesting that you try different shades to see which works best to highlight your eyes. And Brooke adds “[t]hat can mean going darker or lighter.”

Baker’s got a few other beauty tips for gorgeous makeup a la our favorite indie songstresses. Head over to Fashionista to read the full scoop, and peep some of Haim’s Instagram flicks below for inspiration. (By the way, anyone who keeps company with Stevie Nicks is cool in our book.)