Is This Grandma Staple The Next Big Trend?

There's something to be said for fashionable women of a certain age, but I bet you never thought of your own grandma as more Advanced Style than, "I got this on Senior's Discount Day." Well, if your gran has a drawer full of those little mock turtleneck inserts, you might want to practice your cute voice for asking to borrow some — they're all over the runways at fashion week and Elle is calling them a trend for Fall/Winter 2015. BCBG's show featured draped, ribbed knits piled on over 70s-style dresses in neutral colors. Emerging label Tome featured a look that was more choker necklace than scarf, and I totally dug it. And Ohne Titel rounded out the trio featuring the accessory and cinching this as a definite, for sure, certified trend to be looking out for.

Okay, so maybe the little bib-like dickies you remember from your childhood aren't quite the exact iteration of the style we're seeing this season. However, turtlenecks (without all the sweater) were definitely flying solo this week and they're kind of the perfect fall accessory. They're functional, they're another way to layer, and they seem pretty easy to DIY. Seriously, adding some texture and warmth to your fall look could be as easy as a few thrifted turtlenecks and some scissors. The turtleneck dickie is practically the circle scarf's cooler older sister, so you're probably already a pro at wearing it. This is the fashion week I can get behind: Easy-to-adapt trends that add to my coziness and comfort.

Images: Getty; Twitter