Jessica Simpson Recreates 'Fifty Shades'

Jessica Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson had themselves a festive Fifty Shades of Grey -inspired photo shoot in honor of last weekend's romantic holiday and the release of the new film. Married last July, the couple recreated the Fifty Shades vibe with a series of artfully posed black and white photos posted to Simpson's Instagram page with the hashtag #FIFTYSHADESOFJOHNSON. Simpson and Johnson channeled Fifty Shades characters Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in the pictures that their kids will probably be really grossed out by one day.

Johnson goes full Grey (minus the riding crop), posing shirtless and in jeans, showing off his abs and sliver of butt crack while staring longingly into Simpson's cleavage. There's also another one where Johnson appears to be spanking her? Is that what's happening? I'm actively fighting the urge to insert a "Johnson" joke. Whatever is happening in the pictures, they both seem super into it and totally obsessed with each other, so good for them!

Here are Simpson and Johnson's making out like teenagers:

Here's another one of Simpson and Johnson in a sensual embrace:

Not really sure what's happening in this one except butts:

Crazy kids!

Images: @jessicasimpson/Instagram; sucentmondick/Tumblr