This Might Be The Most Normal 'Bach' Date Ever

This week, The Bachelor is in Iowa, which means that Chris Soules is taking his dates to do very Iowa things. First, he took Jade to go hang out in Arlington at a football game, and for the second one-on-one date? Whitney got to go to Des Moines with Chris for the day, where they walked around the city taking photos and afterwards, they met up with Chris' friends at a local bar. There was no weird, embarrassing competition element, no celebrity guest stars, and no catches. In fact, Whitney and Chris' one-on-one date was one of the most normal Bachelor dates ever.

In fact, it was a good example of what a regular night out would be like for Whitney and Chris as a couple. Drinks, hanging out — normal couple stuff for normal couples who aren't on a date that was orchestrated by ABC and Chris Harrison. And aside from some semi-awkward grilling from Chris' friends, it's clear that Whitney fits in well with Chris and his lifestyle. Of course, she hasn't been to Arlington yet, and that's a totally different story, but so far so good!

And by the way, the mural at the end and Whitney's reaction? Way too cute. This combined with their wedding crashing date from earlier in the season, and it's obvious that they're compatible and already have a pretty solid connection. I'm officially rooting for these two — as long as everything else works out, of course.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC