The Trailer Doesn't Mention His Rumored Transition

Reality TV fans, rejoice: the first trailer for Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 10 is here and as avid viewer of the E! show knows, it's bound to be a wild ride. The 30-second clip features the typical Kardashian-Jenner antics (Kourtney Kardashian and partner Scott Disick's witty banter, Kendall Jenner's modeling, the Jenner matriarch's attempts at a global takeover, etc.) but it's what isn't mentioned in the clip that's the most intriguing. Though the promo does feature a line about Kris and Bruce Jenner's recent divorce, the trailer makes no statement about what might be some major news for Bruce. Bruce's rumored transition from male to female may be all over the news, but it's not mentioned once in the show's promo in any capacity.

Bruce is yet to make a statement about the validity of the rumors about this alleged transition, nor should he feel pressured to if this is indeed the path he is taking. I can't help but think that the silence around this huge issue is a smart move on the reality show that this made this family famous. Though the Kardashian-Jenner clan has not made any direct statements regarding Bruce's gender identity, they have come out to support him in other ways. After a — quite cruel — In Touch cover came out with a photoshopped image of Bruce as a woman, the family rallied around Bruce on Instagram with this Instagram photo, which Kim posted on her own page:

No one is denying (or, to be fair, confirming) that Bruce is transitioning, and that's seemingly because the entire family feels that it is Bruce's story to share if and when he wants. Kim told Entertainment Tonight that the family supports their dad no matter what, and that his journey is not hers to share. The family appears to be adhering to his wishes by not using his alleged transition — or even the circulating rumors of it — in the promo for their television show.

So will we see anything about Bruce's alleged change in the show at all? According to Us Weekly, the answer is yes — a source told the magazine that Bruce will address his changing appearance on Season 10, which could potentially overlap with his alleged interview with Diane Sawyer on the topic. But until he does decide to discuss his journey publicly — whatever journey that may be — it's important for his family to stick by him and not add to the tabloid fodder. Say what you will about the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but they really do know how to put family first.