Latest 'Hunger Games' Movie Pokes Fun at Taylor Swift & Features Raunchy Sex Scene

If you can't wait until the Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere on Nov. 22, here's something you can sink your teeth into in the meantime. We first told you about The Starving Games, a full-length parody of the Hunger Games a few months ago, and now, there's a Starving Games trailer. From directors and writers Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the guys responsible for such tongue-in-cheek classics as Epic Movie, Date Movie, and Meet the Spartans, the Starving Games not only pokes fun at the Hunger Games, but at the Avengers, Harry Potter, and Taylor Swift, as well.

The movie will focus on Kantmiss Evershot as she navigates the arena full of hilarious death traps. The Game Master throws Angry Birds at her, there's a scary kid with head gear (shudder), and there's Psy, the terrifying man behind the inexplicable hit, "Gangnam Style." Clearly, Friedberg and Seltzer really understand what frightens us the most in our current pop culture.

But it's not all death and darkness, the Starving Games finally gives Katniss and Peeta shippers something to drool over: there's a sex scene fit with neon condoms, a sultry cave backdrop, and... wizards.

The movie will be in select theaters and On Demand come Nov. 8 and this probably goes without saying, but Starving Games will likely be best enjoyed with some, uh, herbal assistance.

Starving Games on YouTube