Britney Spears Congratulates Lady Gaga On Her Engagement, Continues To Be The Miss Congeniality Of Twitter

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 05: Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney attend Samsung GALAXY At Harper's BAZAAR Celebrates Icons By Carine Roitfeld at The Plaza Hotel on September 5, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Samsung)
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When Britney Spears is CRAZY excited for you, you should expect a message on social media chock-full of love and emojis. Britney Spears congratulated Lady Gaga on her engagement via Twitter on Tuesday, and guys, I can't pretend like it didn't make me feel a little sentimental. Maybe I'm getting sappy in my old age, but pop stars being nice to pop stars just warms by icy heart. 

I'm just going to assume that you know that Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney got engaged on Valentines Day, because it's probably what everyone was talking about at the water cooler this morning. The singer announced her happy news on Monday by Instagramming and tweeting a picture of her MASSIVE heart-shaped engagement ring, along with the caption: "He gave me his heart on Valentine's Day, and I said YES!" Plenty of celebs, including Ellen DeGeneres, Patti Stanger, Caroline Rhea (?!), and others took to social media to show their love for the Gagz and her surprisingly clean-cut looking dude. 

However, nobody showed more love than Britney, who was SO SO SO SO HAPPY!! In keeping with her super enthusiastic writing style, she wished Gaga well in a message full of CAPS, exclamation points (!!!!), and overwhelming positivity.

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And so continues Britney Spears' quest to become Twitter's biggest cheerleader. Remember how inspired she was by Jennifer Lopez after seeing The Boy Next Door?

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Or how great she thought Katy Perry was in her Super Bowl half-time show?

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Needless to say, Spears is the Miss Congeniality of Twitter. On a completely different note, remember that one time at the 2012 VMAs when Lady Gaga's drag alter ego Jo Calderone admitted to masturbating to Britney Spears as a teen? Good times!


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