Mean, Awesome Parents Prank Kids In The Best Way

Some kids don’t like to bathe. Hell, most kids don’t like to bathe. In fact, marinating in one’s own stink and filth is one of the greatest joys a child can experience, for at least a few hours, anyway. But one pair of enterprising parents decided to mess with their kids in a very creative fashion. What exactly did they do? Well, quite simply, they told their kids that their elder brother had refused to shower or take a bath and, as a result of his refusal to tend to his personal cleanliness, had turned into a mushroom. Of course, no elder brother actually existed in the first place. Bless these parents.

But this reminds me of the story my parents told me about my own October birthday: I was born when my mother swallowed a pumpkin seed and I grew in her tummy. Putting aside the obvious anatomical inaccuracy of the tale, it was a sweet story that forever endeared pumpkins to me and made me fear swallowing any seed-bearing fruit lest I bring forth leafy life from my loins. I wonder if these kids feel the same fondness toward mushrooms? Or if they in fact live in mortal fear of our friends of the kingdom of fungi (of the domain eukarya)? It’s a question I shall ponder this evening while consuming roasted pumpkin puree with blackened mushrooms. Mmmmm.

Images: Getty Images; Imgur(2)