Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney's Most Romantic Photos

Chances are, you've heard by now of Lady Gaga's engagement to her longtime boyfriend Taylor Kinney on Valentine's Day. The singer confirmed her engagement via Instagram, so the whole world could get a glimpse of her ring, after all. And now, even more lovey-dovey details have emerged about that special rock. Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga reportedly met with celeb-adored jeweler Lorraine Schwartz to design the heart-shaped ring. Schwartz, who has designed engagement rings for the likes of Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively, did not skimp on the quality for this one. In fact, the ring was designed with a band shaped with a "T" and an "S" for their initials, as confirmed by Us Weekly.

The little touches of detail make the original Instagram post sound even sweeter than it originally did, but fans of the happy couple should not be too surprised by the grand gestures. After all, in the time they've been together (over three years), this happy pair has made no secret of their love and affection for one another.

Let's have a look back at some of the most romantic photos the two have taken together. Certainly there will be many more to come, especially after Gaga dons her wedding dress! (You know everyone will be talking about that.)

Never one to shy away from PDA, here's one of many shots of Kinney planting one on his Lady. It looks like Gaga appreciates it!

Although being a celebrity often means having to dress up all the time (especially if you're Lady Gaga, for crying out loud), it's nice to see that they are comfortable enough with each other to dress down and get cozy.

Kinney is obviously always proud to be seen with his Lady friend, even on those days where she forgets to wear pants.

The couple certainly puts the "golden" in Golden Globes. Just look at that shimmery gown. It goes to show that even an odd couple can get glammed up for the right occasion. And I must say, they clean up nicely!

Even when the singer is busy doing something on stage (and let's be honest, when is she not?), she still takes the time to let Kinney know that he's the one for her. Too sweet!

Although this picture is not too PDA-centric, it is an important one because it shows that they both care about events that support artists. It's not too surprising considering they both work in the arts, but having a passion for a similar cause is a foundation for any solid relationship.

Here's a cozy shot of the two for good measure. You can tell that even though they may be different, their chemistry is definitely in sync.

Of course, what would a round-up of romantic Gaga and Kinney photos be without a still from Gaga's "You and I" video where the pair shared their first intimate moment onscreen? In this music video, Kinney played Gaga's love interest — a crazy scientist opposite her mermaid. Fate? I think so!