Kim's Motherhood Instagram Attracts Some Haters

It goes without saying that pretty much everything Kim Kardashian says and does attracts criticism. The woman could find a cure for cancer and people would still hate on her for spelling kure with a "k." So, of course, people had a lot to say when Kim Kardashian posted about the hardship of being a mother on Instagram. Kardashian wrote a sweet caption to accompany the word-filled image: "Shoutout to all of the moms out there! Hardest, most rewarding & best job in the entire world!!! This couldn't be more true! #ProudMom."

As expected, plenty of people wrote comments in response to her post. Some followers applauded her and thanked her for the motherly shout out. Others tagged their friends in the post because they related to the sentiments and wanted to share. But for the most part, the comments were critical of Kardashian's mothering ability and put her down for having professional help to take care of her daughter, North West.

Kardashian's sweet post ended up bringing on a heated debate in the comments section. Does having a nanny take away from Kardashian being a mother? Does she not struggle just because she's wealthy? People really went in, and it made me wonder why they even follow her in the first place if they are only going to write negative comments.

I understand why some people might be dismayed by Kardashian posting this, but only to a certain extent. Yes, Kim Kardashian does not feel the same struggle as a mom with zero help, but that does not necessarily take away from the work that she does as a mother. Just because some moms have it worse than Kardashian, that does not mean that her struggles are invalid. Having nannies does not change who someone is as a mother. Having help does not necessarily mean that a mom is not involved. Many moms have the option of receiving unpaid assistance from their family and friends, does this mean that they are not involved mothers? Of course, not.

Reading the post, I do not believe that Kardashian was tooting her own horn as a mother. She was not bragging about being the hardest working mother. As she wrote herself, it was a "shout out to all of the moms out there." Kardashian was really applauding all of the mothers because it is a great responsibility no matter how much "help" one has. If she has struggles with motherhood herself with the help, then I'm sure she can imagine how tough it is for other moms — and that is what I believe her post was about.

So I say, the mean comments are unnecessary. Let's quit turning everything this woman says and does into a negative. I understand if you're not a fan of hers, but don't twist her words around, especially when there are only positive sentiments in her post.

Image: kimkardashian/Instagram