Every 'Broad City' "Nicole Memo" Ever

While I absolutely live and breathe for the Ilana & Abbi duo on Broad City, the show wouldn't be anywhere near as amazing if it weren't for its supporting characters (see: Hannibal Buress' Lincoln and Trey, of Body By Trey which is a website that definitely actually exists). And look, while I would listen to Lincoln read a cake recipe out loud, it's important to spread the love to other supporting characters like Ilana's co-worker Nicole (played by hilarious actress Nicole Drespel) which is why Broad City's mini-web series "Nicole Memos" has quickly become my favorite weekly pick-me-up.

Drespel's ability to roll her eyes like it's the last time she'll ever do it; her borderline obnoxious indignation at Ilana's many, let's call them quirks; and her determined delivery make for 30 second videos so awesome that I can be found stalking Broad City website to snag a peek at the newest one. Luckily, Comedy Central seems to know what gold they've struck and as such, they've delivered this Bustle-exclusive supercut of Nicole in all her frustrated glory.

Just bask in this and appreciate that while it may be negative a million degrees outside and your office mates are talking at a decibel that only dogs can hear before 11 a.m., mind you, at least you're not Nicole and at least your deskmate didn't just try to put a tampon in at her desk. TGIF, amirite?

Image: Comedy Central