Lindsay's 'Hunger' Mag Photoshoot Is Gorgeous

I don't know about you, but I will always be rooting for "Cady Heron." And after looking at Lindsay Lohan's flawless photo shoot for Hunger Magazine, one thing's for sure: Lohan's come a long way from the days of having bad news and drama surrounding her (minus that esurance stint from the Super Bowl). It's so refreshing to see Lohan look comfortable and proud to be in her own skin for Hunger magazine — it made me remember all the reasons why I used to love her.

First of all, let's talk about these photos: can I please have that Beyonce hoodie? And the beanie and heeled booties to match? Talk about flawless, for real. Oh, and in true Lohan fashion, she decided to go topless in one of the photos. However, the result was tasteful and artistic. Also, the black and white filter made us appreciate her freckles even more.

Perhaps this newfound LiLo is all due to her recent move across the pond. Now that she's living in London, Lohan explains how much happier she is and how she's taking better care of herself. Lohan previously stated in a Guardian interview that she "needed to grow up and London was a better place to do that than anywhere else." After being surrounded by the media at such a young age, we don't blame Lohan for wanting to travel and get away for a little bit, no matter how much we're sure she misses her pressed juices, beachside hikes and California sun.

Wherever Lohan decides to stay or whatever she decides to do, I sure hope that we see more of this empowering spirit that's shining brightly through these photos. It feels good knowing that if Lindsay Lohan can bounce back from all the messes of being a former child star, we, too, can shake off our own haters. So keep doing you, Lindsay Lohan — I never doubted you for one second!

Images: Hunger Magazine