2015 Oscars Location Receives Bomb Threat

While this is terrifying news, thankfully, it seems the Oscars venue is safe after being briefly investigated for a bomb threat, according to the Los Angeles Police Department: On Thursday, an officer pulled over a man for reckless driving near Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave. — aka, the intersection right near the Dolby Theater where the 2015 Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, Feb. 22. According to Deadline the man — whom the police have not identified — claimed to have explosives in his vehicle. As further reported by Yahoo, the man left the vehicle with a propane tank, and told the police that he also had two canisters of nitrous oxide — a sedative agent often colloquially referred to as laughing gas — in his vehicle.

According to Officer Abraham Nesheiwat, who gave a statement to Deadline, the LAPD bomb squad inspected the vehicle for the source of the threat — and now, according to the police, there is thankfully no longer a bomb threat at Hollywood and Highland.

This news will no doubt is a huge relief for those working and living in Hollywood, as well as anyone planning on attending Sunday's Oscar ceremonies. Though it's unclear why the man would threaten the Dolby Theater, or even allege of a threat, it's important to know that the proper precautions were taken so that everyone felt safe in the area. The Oscars will be a big night for Hollywood, and it's good to know that the police are keeping the area safe.