5 Beauty Hacks From A Former Clown That Are Surprisingly Applicable To Your Everyday Life

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Once upon a time I hustled as a clown for malls and children's birthday parties because, dang, you can make a whole lot of cash that way. Clowning meant that no matter what I had been up to the night before, I had to sell kids on the idea that I woke up in Clownlandia and was born juggling. It also meant that regardless of how many events I had scheduled that day, I had to look fresh. Lemme tell you, ladies, after you've just come from a party where you whipped up a couple dozen balloon animals and painted just as many tiny faces, that's easier said than done. Kids can be demanding and surprisingly hard to fool.

But we all gotta pay our dues, right? And we all learn something in the process. Besides all the usual college job lessons about teamwork (yes, I collaborated with fellow clowns), communication (negotiating with parents is an art form), and professionalism (NEVER make 15 first graders wait), I learned invaluable beauty lessons. As in, lessons that translated into my everyday life, not just life with a red foam nose.

Here are 5 beauty lessons you'll want to nab from this ex-clown.

Image: Christine Stoddard

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