3-Year-Old Girl Adorably Recites Taekwondo Creed

I need somebody to get Merriam-Webster on the phone right now, because we have a serious crisis on our hands: We need to redefine the word "cute". In the past, I have seen many things that I thought qualified as "cute," having combed the internet from Lil Bub the cat to Esther the not-so-pygmy pig, but today I am astounded and compelled to tell the world that we never truly knew was "cute" was until this 3-year-old girl recited her taekwando student creed in a tiny little voice so chipper that she puts any animal sidekick in a Disney movie to shame.

Her name is Sophie, and she is a white belt at Premier Martial Arts Leeds in England. That is a full 3,559 miles from where I am presently sitting, but even from that distance, she has ripped out every last heartstring I possessed. Is that what belt comes after white? Heartstring belt? Even though she can barely pronounce the words that she merrily yells back to her instructor, she has the focus and dedication of a true Tiny Champion (which, incidentally, is the name of the class she takes). According to the school's Facebook page, Sophie is the youngest student currently enrolled, and also has a 6-year-old big brother who attends. Apparently being adorable and kicking butt runs in the family.

This video is pretty much an emotional roller coaster of precious all the way through, so I suggest finding something like a sleeve or the inside of a paper bag to muffle all of your "AWWW"s. Sophie is such a rock star that she'll make us all wish we had time machines so we could tell our 3-year-old selves the secret to being the coolest kid in taekwondo (JK, I was literally never even remotely that cute.)

Image: YouTube